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No formulaic prayer, alone, brings salvation


“In the use of means, God’s purpose of grace meets the free-acting human soul.”

Interpreting and Preaching Hebrews 6.1-8, part 6


In this post we examine the meaning of the participle parapesontas in v. 6 translated “falling away.”

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Conversation at NOBTS with Dr. Eric Hankins


Dr. Hankins reflects on his denominational sojourn during the last couple of years, notes a “Reformation principle in trouble,” cites and defines “Missional Narcissism,” and advises the younger men of the SBC.

The Secular Worldview of Church


We forget that the secular person may have a feeling of awkwardness, even embarrassment, at entering our stain-glassed buildings.

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Preaching at Southern Seminary, by Dr. Eric Hankins


Recently I had the privilege of preaching the chapel service at Southern Seminary and participating in a Q&A with Dr. Al Mohler afterwards. In many ways, those events completed an arc that began for me almost two years ago.

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