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World Evangelism 101: Wherever He Leads, Acts 8.26-40


One day one of Chambers’ friends, John Cameron, spoke to young Chambers and said, “If you get permission to speak to my ploughman about his soul, do so.”

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A Good Day


After eating breakfast, I went outside to my truck and noticed the beautiful weather. The slight crispness in the air tickled my nose as I inhaled. The fall colors were beginning to crawl their way through the green, and I knew more changes were on the way.

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Getting a Grip on Apologetics, Part 2: Debunking Myths and Misunderstandings


Given that, because it is the case that we are to win arguments, it follows that this demolishing arguments is a means by which the Holy Spirit brings people to Christ. Apologetics has a good track record at winning souls.

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Preaching Hebrews 6:1-8, Part 1


Dr. Criswell is not the first preacher to shy away from preaching on the most difficult passage in Hebrews and what some interpreters would label the most difficult passage in the New Testament.

Open Letter to Southern Baptist Laypersons


If left unchecked by Southern Baptist laypersons, the very same organizational system that would have placed us under liberal control in the 1980s will place us under Calvinist-Evangelical control today.