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Celebrate Christmas with an “R” by Dr. Bob Rogers


One Sunday night a church member eagerly showed me a photograph he had taken on his digital camera of our church sign. I read it and said, “So? It says ‘Celebrate Christmas with us.'” He replied, “No, it doesn’t. Read it again.

The Promise of Christmas, Gen. 3.15

Brad Whitt

It’s a powerful, personal promise concerning the coming of Christ into a world that had rebelled against the Father’s command.

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I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day


Longfellow did not end his poem in despair with bowed head, for he knew God was writing a grander narrative.

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Humans of New York

Norm Miller

Stanton’s interview was deeply intriguing to me. He started with a blog and now has a NYT best-selling book titled/fashioned per his blog.

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Jonah and the “Underbelly” of Election


The prophets never tire of reminding Israel that her election is not a privilege which she may selfishly keep for herself; election is a call to service.

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