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Bloomberg: “I have earned my place in heaven.”


Oh, Michael, if only you knew the Savior, you wouldn’t feel it is your responsibility to save the world from evil that you’ve conjured up in your mind.

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Led Zeppelin, Calvinism and Words with Multiple Meanings


One thing is clear: the word “world” in the Bible should never be defined as the “elect;” yet this is what Calvinists try to do with texts like John 3:16.

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The Gospel: A Message for Every Person / Adam Harwood, Ph.D.


“For God so loved the world…” Kosmos doesn’t refer in this context to the physical universe (cf. Acts 17:24) or to the system opposed to God (cf.1 John 2:15). Instead, this word refers in John 3:16 to *all* people.

The Error of Total Depravity & Inability in Acts 17

Bob Hadley

It is interesting that Paul is here addressing a group of educated pagans but are still “religious folk.”

The Serious Life of William Tyndale / Ron Hale


After 17 languishing months in prison, early in the month of October, 1536, Tyndale was led to the stake where he would be chained and burned.