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Regarding the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil


Biola Master’s degree academician/theologian/student Johnathan Pritchett offers his answer as to why did God put the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the garden.

What is Repentance? Acts 17.16-31


When did you last hear a sermon on repentance? Unless you watched a Baptist preacher, most TV sermonators avoid the “R” word. SBCToday is happy to offer this sermon on repentance.

That’s My King! S.M. Lockridge


Do you have six minutes to be blessed? If you have never heard S.M. Lockridge’s “That’s My King,” then you’re in for a treat. If you have heard it, maybe it’s time to hear it again.

Dr. Allen responds to commentors


SBCToday is grateful to Dr. David Allen, whose post responds to selected comments on his three-part essay titled: “On the Insufficiency of the Notion of Sufficiency Among Some Calvinists.”

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Hooked on Ketchup


Founder of AweStar Ministries Walker Moore explains how to get a spiritual G.R.I.P. regarding parenthood and the dangers of illicit drugs that face children.

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