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Historical Southern Baptist Soteriology, pt. 1/3


The Sandy Creek movement began nearly forty years before Finney’s birth. Its founder, Shubal Stearns, practiced innovative evangelism methods long before Finney.

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The Risen Savior / W.A. Criswell


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The Resurrection of Christ: The Best-Proved Fact in History


The bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is the crowning proof of Christianity.

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The Suffering Lamb and the Last Supper


As the first Passover had been the turning point in the redemption of the people of God, so the Cross would be the opening of a new era for believers.

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Bloomberg: “I have earned my place in heaven.”


Oh, Michael, if only you knew the Savior, you wouldn’t feel it is your responsibility to save the world from evil that you’ve conjured up in your mind.

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