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Same Gospel, Different Offer


We may share a common gospel, but we do not share a common system of theology.

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Tips for Mother’s Day / Unappreciated Pastor


Show every woman in your life how much you appreciate and love them. Women are a special gift from God. They should be loved and appreciated every day.

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Connect 316 Breakfast @ SBC in Baltimore


A generous donor has subsidized the breakfast by providing a scholarship for all Southern Baptist evangelists, thus requiring only $10 instead of $25.

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Andrew Fuller on the Extent of the Atonement: A Response and Rebuttal


Fuller’s mature position on the extent of the atonement, and it is the key point missed by Haykin, and I might add, Nettles.

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The Homosexual Issue and How We Move Forward


I am not sure what preachers or churches that Dr. Moore is listening to, but for him to imply on behalf of the Southern Baptist Convention affiliated churches that we are changing in how we deal with this issue is frightening.

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