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Why We Need Traditionalist Women

January 20, 2017

By: Kara Barnette, Pastor’s Wife
Faith Baptist Church Faith, North Carolina

I am no theologian.

I hold no degrees from Bible College or seminary and I will never stand behind a pulpit and teach a congregation.  No important ministry title adorns my name, nor do I anticipate that Lifeway will ever offer me a posh book deal.   Continue reading

A Time to Laugh

January 19, 2017

By Walker Moore

I grew up in a family of comedians, my mom being the chief. She loved hearing jokes, she loved telling jokes, and she loved to laugh. She was the kind of person who could laugh long, hard and deep. One day she was telling a joke, got tickled in the middle of it and started laughing. This was par for the course, as she almost never got through a joke without laughing. Most of the time, her laughter was funnier than the joke. But this time, she laughed so hard that she shot her false teeth out of her mouth, caught them in mid-air and shoved them back into place, which (of course) made her laugh even more. Continue reading

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