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Right of Passage: Tattoo Faith


Faith is found in the oddest places. We expect to find it in church, camps or weekend retreats. But could it be that we limit God to those places when all along he wants to get down from the cross and walk through our lives?

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Fourth Annual Southview Baptist Church Bible Conference

Kyle B. Gulledge

It is preaching that is preached by preachers with hearts on fire that sets a church ablaze to change their community, region, state, nation and world.

Spiritual Entropy: Part Two


It is my opinion that unless the SBC can find a way to help combat this situation, that in fifteen to twenty years we will not have forty-four thousand churches but we will consist of about twenty-five to thirty-thousand churches.

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Spiritual Entropy: Part One


The SBC is primarily made up of small churches with fewer than one hundred in attendance on Sunday. In fact, such churches make up approximately half of our forty-four thousand churches.

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Make Your Church An Evangelistic Church

David Brumbelow

Always point to salvation in Jesus Christ; don’t assume people know how to be saved; assume they don’t know how to be saved. Make salvation simple and easy to understand.

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