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Responding to Insults: Unappreciated Pastor


“I’ll tell you how it feels to work two days a week if you tell me how it feels to be a jerk seven days a week.”

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Our Little Scooter

Walker Moore - book

When I look back at his pudgy little body scooting along the floor, the walls of my heart aren’t high enough to contain my feelings for him.

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Does Paul Teach Limited Atonement? | David L. Allen, PhD


Universal atonement was the norm for the Church from the time of the early church Fathers to the end of the 16th century.

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Comparing Calvinism to SBC Traditionalism


Our first goal is to advocate views rooted in the Hobbs-Rogers tradition.

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Are Contemporary Baptists related to 16th Century Anabaptists?


Until Jesus comes—may contemporary Baptists lifeguard the treasures the Anabaptists had the courage to reintroduce to the Faith once delivered to the Saints! If we do not—who will?

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