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Confessions of a “Rogerist”


My hero is Jesus Christ. In ministry I have learned to cry like Jeremiah, study like Paul, preach like Amos, but look only to Jesus.

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Stop Treating the Church Like McDonald’s!


Much like the church, the establishment has installations all over the world and in almost every city. Also, like the church, McDonald’s is the punchline for many a pejorative joke. It is laughable. It is said that if you are with a group that cannot decide where to go for lunch you should just recommend McDonald’s. People will be so disgusted that they will instantly arrive at a more palatable option.

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Threats To Religious Liberty (Has It Really Come To This?)


If people don’t see they are sinners, then they will never see their need to repent of their sin and come to Christ. That is something every Bible-believing church ought to believe in. Actually, some churches and Christians are just plain afraid and have been intimidated by the voices designed to silence the right of free speech. They think it is their battle instead of God’s.

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Nursery Duty

Walker Moore - book

In my short career as a nursery worker, I have learned there is an ebb and flow to this childcare stuff. The parents come in the door with smiling, happy children. Only when they hand them over to the nursery staff does the weeping and wailing begin. And there is nothing you can do about it while the parents are standing there. Once they depart, you begin the job of trying to get the flock to stop crying.

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Can You Lose Your Salvation? Once Saved Always Saved?


Many of us have gone through similar insecurities in dating relationships. We know how we feel about that significant other, but we are not quite sure how they feel about us. What has to happen? The “DTR!” The “Defining of the Relationship.”

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