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A Winner of Souls / W A Criswell


It is unthinkable that a minister preach about economics, current events, politics, & social issues that frustrate us. But the minister is called of God to deliver the Word of the Lord that can save our souls from death and can forgive our sins and can present us some day to God in heaven.

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The Public Invitation: how biblical is it?


Every sermon should bring people to the climatic question: “What must we do?” This would be a welcome change from people folding their Bibles and looking at their watches.

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‘Bye-bye, Girl Scout Cookies,’ blogger says.


That Girl Scouts USA promotes a totally racist woman like Sanger from whom to model their speeches is disgusting.

A Grandmother Agrees: Beware of Disney


I have a granddaughter who lives with me, and she used to watch Charlie on Disney; but after reading that this week I’ve told her no more, and no more Disney.

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How Does Your Theology Read John 3:16?


Francis Turretin (1623-1687) said of this verse, “However it is certain that not the whole world, but only those chosen out of the world are saved; therefore to them properly this love has reference.”

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