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The Three Choices of God: Divine Election made simple


If Peter is supposed to be a Calvinist warning against the Arminian interpretations of Paul (as I’ve heard some say), then he certainly chose words unlike any Calvinist I’ve ever heard…

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Suggestions for Determining Whether a Pastoral Candidate Is a Calvinist

Ronnie Rogers is senior pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Norman, Okla.

I believe the vast majority of Calvinists seek to be clear about their belief in Calvinism when interviewed by a pastoral search committee. I personally know some Calvinists who seek to make this very clear in the interview process. However, and quite unfortunately, that is not always the case.

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Baptist History Spotlight: Daniel Marshall


One may ask how God can use someone like that. Yet, what Marshall lacked in natural abilities God more than supplied in His power and supernatural strength to be a stalwart church planter and evangelist.

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God’s Pet Peeves

Walker Moore - book

Please don’t hold me to this list of God’s Top Ten Pet Peeves. But what bothers God should bother us. If it doesn’t, we may need to make sure we really belong to Him.

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The Two Pillars of Calvinism Examined | Conclusion


Individual Human Responsibility. A major weakness in the Calvinist scheme is found here. It is a basic teaching of scripture that individuals are held accountable for their sin. This is the basis for judgment in both human law courts and the divine court.

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