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A Day Is a Day Is a Day of Course: Unless That Day Challenges Evolution!

Ronnie Rogers is senior pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Norman, Okla.

Probably the most hotly debated issue is whether the days of Genesis 1 are lunar days or indefinite periods of time.

ACP Report: A true indicator?


The problem of only reporting baptisms on our ACP report is that much of God’s work is overlooked.

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Response to Tom Nettles’ “Andrew Fuller & David Allen, Parts 1 & 2″


The reader must judge whether it is Nettles or I who has misread Fuller.

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Interview w/Austin Fischer, pt 1


Everything about God must square itself with a God who would rather die for sinners than give them what they deserve. If not, it is insufficiently biblical.

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Recommendations for next IMB President / Doug Munton, PhD

doug munton

” … but because a poor choice would be disastrous for the SBC.”

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