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Should Jesus be ‘none of my business’? / Hariette Petersen


But to have another mega-church pastor pass his individual dictate upon the brethren who seek to protect rights? It just eats at my soul.

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The path, person & promise / Junior Hill


“Now, what do you think would have happened if I sat next to that man and said, ‘Sir, I’m an evangelist. Will you give me a thousand dollars’”? — Junior Hill.

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The Most Difficult Passage in the Bible / W A Criswell


“Or put it in my words:
‘Why does God blame men then, if God’s will is irresistible?'”

Rethinking “Rethinking” / J. Pritchett


“’Rethinking’ presupposes there has been a lot of thinking on this or that issue when there isn’t much evidence for that.”

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Is *All* church growth kingdom growth? / Unappreciated Pastor


It’s no secret that much of church “growth” isn’t kingdom growth at all. New church members often join a church because they have either moved to a new town or are frustrated with the church they are currently in.

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