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After 5 years, Is There A Great Commission Resurgence? | Part One


after so much effort was expended to convince somewhat skeptical Southern Baptists that these actions were “of vital importance to the future of our denomination” and “key to making immediate progress toward a Great Commission Resurgence,” it is reasonable for Southern Baptists to expect to see some timely positive results.

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The Scoffers Are Coming!


As today’s left-wing intelligentsia hungrily anticipates the demise of the American Church, they lack a 2000 year historical perspective of church history.

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The Tremendous Need For Turnover


The world has turned the church upside down. The modern church has not the spiritual strength to turn over a gumball, much less the world. Oh, how our churches are so highly adorned but little anointed!

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Chutzpah and the Supreme Court

Dr. L. Paige Patterson

A five-to-four decision of the nation’s highest court to redefine the nature of marriage plays with far more than a definition of terms. Homosexual sin, like my sin and your sin, has a long history. But seldom has anyone had the chutzpah to assume such authority as to deny the authority of the God of all law, trash the Genesis creation order, and plunge a country into a dark abyss.

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Why Calvinists Cannot Have Assurance


Because the Calvinistic system affirms that God is willing to unchangeably decree and use self-deceived individuals to be objects of divine wrath in order to bring Himself more glory, it is impossible for any consistent Calvinist to be certain that he or she is not one chosen for this ignoble purposes.

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