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The Promise of Christmas, Gen. 3.15

Brad Whitt

It’s a powerful, personal promise concerning the coming of Christ into a world that had rebelled against the Father’s command.

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I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day


Longfellow did not end his poem in despair with bowed head, for he knew God was writing a grander narrative.

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Humans of New York

Norm Miller

Stanton’s interview was deeply intriguing to me. He started with a blog and now has a NYT best-selling book titled/fashioned per his blog.

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Jonah and the “Underbelly” of Election


The prophets never tire of reminding Israel that her election is not a privilege which she may selfishly keep for herself; election is a call to service.

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Reflections on Southern Seminary, part 4


Compatibilism asserts that God is the cause of all things, including the “free” decisions of humans. This claim is made by redefining God’s permission and human freedom in highly unusual and suspect ways.