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Do You Have To Be A Calvinist To Believe In Inerrancy?


The truth is that on crucial points of Five-Point Calvinism (like Limited Atonement) up to the time of Calvin there were no strong Calvinists among the great leaders of the church, with the exception of the late Augustine

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What About Those Who Never Hear the Gospel?


Along with the concern of one losing their salvation, this has to be the most asked question I receive from students of the Bible. If Jesus is the only way for salvation, then what does that mean for those who have never heard about Him? It is one thing to hear and reject the gospel truth, but to be condemned for rejecting a message you never heard just does not seem fair.

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Ignorant Worship


God, for the most part, is not known by the modern church. This is not a problem caused by God. God has revealed Himself in the Scriptures. God has not hid Himself from the modern church; however, the church has attempted to hide away from God.

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Did God make Anything According to Genesis One?


So why is this perspective getting so much attention? One reason is that it is seen by many to be the silver bullet in the debates regarding Genesis 1. If Walton were correct, then Genesis would give us no information regarding the age of the universe, the truth or falsity of evolution, or whether Adam and Eve were historical figures.

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The Spiritual State of the Union | Conclusion


Central to Paul’s notion of being ‘in Christ’ is the fact of faith. It is the indispensable condition for salvation, a placing of one’s trust in the God revealed in Jesus Christ. This faith is the basis for intimate union with Christ, since it is the self-abandonment of the redeemed to the Redeemer. Faith-union thus finds its focal point in the death and resurrection of Christ.

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