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David Platt is My IMB President, Too

Bart Barber

The International Mission Board is reporting that Dr. David Platt is the new President of the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. I had opposed his election. He now has my support. Here’s why:

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Why David Platt ought not be IMB president | Bart Barber

Bart Barber

“[Platt’s] election is a disastrous blow to the Cooperative Program” — Bart Barber.

Reviewing Donald Macleod’s “Definite Atonement and the Divine Decree” | David L. Allen, PhD


“Did the Father in sending Christ, and did Christ in coming into the world to make atonement for sin, do this with the design or for the purpose of saving only the elect or all men? That is the question and that only is the question.”

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Traditionalist Ministry Practices

Dr. Rick Patrick

Dr. Rick Patrick, Pastor First Baptist Church Sylacauga, Alabama   Not only do Traditionalists have certain theological positions that distinguish us from our more Calvinistic brothers and sisters, but we also pursue various ministry practices that logically arise from such beliefs. Restoring the widespread use of such practices in Southern Baptist life will strengthen our […]

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Adrian Rogers on Calvinism—Part Six


Now, because God knows it doesn’t mean God has caused it. There was a man named Halley, who studied about a comet. He knew exactly when the comet was going to appear. Now knowing when the comet was going to appear didn’t mean that he made it appear. Halley’s Comet just appeared right on time because he had foreknowledge that the comet would appear…and God’s foreknowledge of my salvation does not mean that God gives me irresistible grace and I’m a part of a special elect group, and that He did not die for the whole world.

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