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Former Calvinist shares likes/dislikes RE Calvinism/Calvinists


“I used to be a five-point Calvinist even going into the depths of hyper-Calvinism for quite a while [ten years]. … Here are some of my personal observations about what I (like/dislike) about Calvinism and Calvinists…” — Rev. Billy Stevens.

FBC Oxford, Miss., members apologize for 1968 vote banning black members


First Baptist Church in Oxford passed a resolution to retract and nullify a 1968 vote by the church to ban African-Americans from its pews.

LifeWay’s Midlife Identity Crisis


“Is LifeWay still a Southern Baptist institution that just happens to provide resources to evangelicals? Or is it now an evangelical institution that just happens to provide resources to Southern Baptists?” — Dr. Rick Patrick.

Crushed, not destroyed; eternal, not temporal.

Norm Miller

When we stepped into the water, knee-deep, the small fry parted and then gathered around us. And the feathered feeding frenzy stopped.

Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson & Youtube Devotionals


“If little girls are looking up to me, I’ve got to be the example they need” — Sadie Robertson.