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Autonomy in the Southern Baptist Convention


Ideally, the principle of autonomy is held in esteem at every level of SBC life.

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9 y/o Becomes Biblical Disciple


I prayed to receive forgiveness and invited Christ to be my Lord and Savior. I was 9 years-old by this time in my life.

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“Noah,” “Son of God,” & me

Norm Miller

If anyone should get it right in this life it is us, God’s children – those who know Him and obey Him. We wanted “Noah” to reflect the Bible perfectly. Why do we not have the same expectation of ourselves?

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Time & Treasures / Walker Moore

Walker Moore - book

Looking back, I’m caught off guard by what I used to deem important and by the things I treasured.

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False Conversions, Manipulation & the Solution


Since some have abused the sinners prayer, some churches disbanded the prayer altogether. The issue is not with methodology but in explanation. We must explain what we mean about the gospel, the prayer, and discipleship.