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Coalition Is Right

Dr. Rick Patrick

The Gospel Coalition describes itself as “a broadly Reformed network of churches.” In plain English, they are Calvinists. Their confessional statement and leadership is thoroughly Calvinistic. Southern Baptists who affiliate with The Gospel Coalition comprise a group within a group, sharing certain traits with Southern Baptists like me, and other traits with Presbyterians and Charismatics whose views I disaffirm.

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Scorecard on my unsolicited advice for the International Mission Board

doug munton

Some time ago I gave some unsolicited advice to the International Mission Board of the SBC as they sought a new president to replace Tom Elliff. David Platt was recently elected. I want to note the areas where the IMB followed (if inadvertently) my advice and where they didn’t.

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Why the name Anabaptist?


Baptists today are sort of split concerning our affinity with the Anabaptist. The more Calvinistic Baptists say our origins are with the English Baptist around the early 1600’s under John Symth and Thomas Helwys. Officially they were more organized then with less persecution although initially some persecution still existed in England. Others like myself still claim kinship with the orthodox Anabaptist group.

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Braxton’s List


As Christians we are called to live distinctively different from the world and this should be evident in what we post or tweet. It is with this in mind and because Braxton believed in goal setting and list making that I introduce to you: Braxton’s List for Social Media Conduct

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The Missionary Motive


Let me ask you a very serious and a very somber question. Did God just predestine some people for heaven? And did God just predestine some people for hell? Are we just pawns on the chessboard of faith? No. Absolutely not.

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