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We Didn’t Like Church So We Went to Walmart


The truth is that what God offers the world through the body of Christ is more valuable than anything at Wal-mart. It didn’t come at “everyday low prices” but Christ died to purchase it…

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Demoralizing Doctrinal Discrimination

I am not being divisive. I am being forgotten, marginalized and alienated. This convention wants my money, or at least the money of my church, but it appears unwilling to give significant “face time” to leaders, authors, speakers and resources that support and strengthen Southern Baptists with convictions like mine.

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Happy Father’s Day!

Walker Moore - book

Lately, my grandson has stopped sleeping through the night. He gets up at three in the morning and walks around the house saying, “Wake up, wake up,” checking to see who else is awake.

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Calling For The Light


Beloved, the lost in hell are more concerned with the lost on earth than the modern church is.

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Be Wise | Part Two


There are two kinds of wisdom, one with and the other without “the fear of the Lord.” Which one do you follow?

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