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Could My Child be Reprobate? / Doug Sayers, former Calvinist


So, how should we view our children? Are they God forsaken little vipers in diapers, who despise everything good and will sin at every opportunity?

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An Unflattering Take on Southern Baptists


I don’t blame “The Atlantic” for the unflattering article. The fact is that we Baptists haven’t been very flattering lately.

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STOP Living in Defeat / Robin Foster


Imagine a church going through a nasty split because of doctrinal issues concerning the gospel.

Resident Aliens, Secret Church, and Witches in the Wardrobe / Keith Eitel, Ph.D.


A witch, a lion, a wardrobe closet, or leaders of a nationwide network of secret churches throughout China?

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Three SBC Leaders remain silent while others speak LOUD!


During the entire course of this scandal, the Gospel Coalition has remained silent.

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