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The Kingdom Is Not Given To the Church


The prophesied removal of the Kingdom from the nation of Israel is unquestioned. Commentaries are all over the map (mostly the wrong map) about the nature of the Kingdom which would be removed. This article focuses on the nation to whom the Kingdom will be given.

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The Name Game

Walker Moore - book

All this explains why I lead students to do “Jesus’ ministry.” Every day, without fail, some student will come up and ask me, “What are we doing today?” I have only one answer: “Jesus’ ministry.” We are not doing mission work, First Church of something work or Baptist work; we are simply doing Jesus’ ministry.

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20 Thoughts On the Rainbow in the Room


I feel for those experiencing same-sex desire who have been mistreated rather than loved. I am disappointed by Christians who endorse same-sex activity, but would have spoken the truth three years ago. I’m embarrassed by some of what my fellow believers are saying, and I cringe at what some supporters of gay marriage are arguing. This is by no means a detailed article.

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Is Calvinism Spiritual Racism?


Calvinism is nothing short of promoting a prideful theology of supposed spiritual superiority, due to election. Such misrepresentation of God and Christ cannot go unanswered.

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Blasphemy? You Can’t Be Serious!


I’m sure such a charge would be a surprise to my congregation. They’ve heard me preach on hell so many times that I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them bring coat hangers and marshmallows to our services waiting for the fire and brimstone to begin.

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