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Troubling Times at NAMB under Dr. Ezell


Southern Baptists have a strong historic past, but I am troubled about our current levels of effectiveness and the diminishing mission capacities of Southern Baptists going forward.

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Jesus Is Enough!

Walker Moore - book

After following Jesus for almost 50 years, I can tell you that it’s still true: Jesus is enough.

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Reviving a Dying Church


I am grateful that we came from a church that taught us how to share the gospel, and believed you had to take the gospel to the people, not wait for them to come to you. So that’s what we did.

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Our Founding Fathers and the Sanctity of Human Life


Do America’s unborn have any constitutional or human rights? When do these rights begin? When are the unborn legally viable?

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Cause and Effect | Part Two


We are suffering and declining today because of that theme expressed in the old Frank Sinatra song: “I Did It My Way.” But, with the church embracing the approach of the current trend and employing an approach which basically appeals to what people desire, there is little wonder that it is losing its influence and its ability to truly worship God.

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