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A Goodbye To SBC Today

Jonathan Carter

This season is coming to a close. It was a very tough decision, and one that I did not make lightly.

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10. The Southern Baptist “Pass Over”

Rick Mug 2015 - Version 8

Not since the death angel visited Egypt have so many godly people been passed over.

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The God Delusion: Ten Years Out


Why the most recognizable Atheist title of the 21st century might be good for Christianity

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Answering the Calvinist’s #1 Argument


Why did you believe the gospel, but your friend did not? Are you wiser or smarter or more spiritual or better trained or more humble?

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To God Be The Glory | Part Two


If you could explore the vastness of the universe with the most powerful telescope, and the intricacies of the human body with the most powerful microscope; it would be impossible to say it just happened by accident.

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