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My Alma Mater and the Gay Christian Movement


My college alma mater is Union University, and its leadership recently made a courageous decision supporting traditional marriage within the Christian tradition.

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Same-Sex Marriage: A Seismic Moral Paradigm Shift for America | Part Two


While it is true that Christians wish to evangelize the world, meaning share the good news of grace and forgiveness found in Christ with everyone, Christians also understand that many will choose not to embrace the faith or the ethics imparted by Christianity.

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Your Systematic Has No Clothes


I know full well that Calvinists see “a beautiful suit of clothes on the Emperor” and their intentions are sincere, but it does not change the fact that many believers (if not most) simply see a naked Emperor rather than a beautiful suit.

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Grading A Decade of Reform School | Part Three


Having explored at some length the reform decade of 2006-2015 in Southern Baptist life, including ten very specific reform measures, one is hard pressed to name a single major contribution that can be attributed to this shift. Certainly things have changed, but they have not changed for the better.

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Tool Time

Walker Moore - book

It took me a while, but I finally came to understand that when it comes to buying tools, quality matters. This comes from many years of experience, because I used to think I could save money by buying cheaper tools.

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