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Beyond the Flap about Christian Rap


By garbage, I mean theological garbage.

The Passion of the Everyday Evangelists


Several years ago, I was reading a business book and suddenly shouted, “He stole one of our words!” Guy Kawasaki has served Apple Computer, Inc., as their chief evangelist. That’s right – evangelist! Kawasaki wrote a book entitled: Rules for Revolutionaries back in 1999.

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Reflections on My Time at Southern Seminary: Part 2


Therefore, a great conspiracy has not taken place. Dr. Mohler is a very effective leader of an institution tasked with equipping ministers with a theological grid for ministry, a leader who has always had a particular theological point-of-view that informs his decision-making at an institution that is confessionally structured to facilitate that perspective.

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Dr. Ergun Caner unanimously elected as Brewton-Parker president


One trustee summarized the vote: “We didn’t consider Dr. Caner in spite of the attacks; we elected him because of them. He has endured relentless and pagan attacks like a warrior. We need a warrior as our next president.”

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Interpreting & Preaching Hebrews 6.1-8, part 10


This illustrates why it is vital to preach the entire eight verses as a unit. It is not possible to interpret properly vv. 4-6, the most troubling portion of the passage, without understanding its position and role in the overall context of the paragraph.

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