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The Holy War- part 1


People say: ‘She is a good woman, but a worldly Christian.’ What? Might as well speak of a heavenly devil. Might as well expect a mummy to speak and bear children as that kind to move the world God-ward…”

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Look What We Discovered!


When the world discovered that the church is no different from them, they decided to attend. When they discovered that the difference between them and the Church reached a tolerable level, they decided to darken the doors.

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The Power of Evangelistic Questioning- George Whitefield


Often words on a page simply cannot capture the sheer life that great preachers like Whitefield brought to their orations. We can, however, observe several rhetorical techniques that he employed in his sermons.

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A,B and See


Aren’t you glad God made it much easier for us to have a relationship with Him then it is to get Medicare? He made it so simple that even a child can come to Him.

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An Effective Ministry of Preaching


You cannot talk about Him (Jesus) if you have not developed, in your own life, a deep passion to know Him.

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