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Good Morning SBC Today!

Kyle B. Gulledge

This is part of the communication arm of Connect 316. We are signers of the traditional statement of soteriology and believe that God’s salvation through His Son, Jesus, is offered and available to all.

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Do Black Lives Matter?

Dr. L. Paige Patterson

President Obama and a host of other leaders seem unable to resolve the racial tensions in our country. And neither they nor anyone else will ever succeed unless there is a return to acknowledging the words found in Genesis…

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A Prehistoric Final Judgment?


One of the more glaring flaws in the Calvinistic understanding of salvation is it’s emasculation of the final judgment. Calvinists, typically, place great emphasis on being chosen by God, before He made the first man, but only offer occasional and dutiful lip service to the final judgment.

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Pimples and Purgatory: Should One Weird View Distract Us?


Obviously, many Catholics affirm purgatory, but it’s unusual, to say the least, to find a card carrying protestant who thinks it all works.

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Kyle Gulledge Elected as New SBC Today Editor

Rick Mug 2015 - Version 8

Few readers realize the heavy time requirements placed on the Editor of SBC Today. This volunteer position demands approximately two hours of work every single day….Both Norm and Jonathan can testify to the blessings and the burdens of the editor’s role.

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