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Blasphemy? You Can’t Be Serious!


I’m sure such a charge would be a surprise to my congregation. They’ve heard me preach on hell so many times that I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them bring coat hangers and marshmallows to our services waiting for the fire and brimstone to begin.

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Jesus Freaks


by Ron F. Hale Wearing a loosely fitted white dress with flowers in her long blonde hair —her words caught us by surprise. We were walking toward the Liberty Bowl in Memphis to hear Black Oak Arkansas band steal the show from the Three Dog Night. Approaching us, she said, “Jesus loves you, peace!” Shocked […]

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Does 1 Corinthians 2 Support Calvinism?


According to the Calvinistic system of interpretation, all of humanity is born in such a condition (by God’s unchangeable eternal decree) where by they can read all the books offered up by the false religions of the world and accept them as truth, put their trust in their lies, and even affirm them as being divinely authored. But, mankind is born incapable of accepting or affirming the claims of Christianity unless causally determined to do so by irresistible spiritual means.

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Does God Select Kings?


We love to “blame God” for some things that God did not order, and perhaps nowhere do we do so more consistently than when it comes to national leaders. But I want to question the assumptions on the commonly held belief that God selects kings, presidents, and other world leaders.

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Planting Without Harvesting


Has our laser focus on starting new churches actually produced the kind of results envisioned when we restructured our North American Mission Board to become primarily a church-planting network? Starting new churches was never the goal, but was simply the means to the end of making more disciples.

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