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Grading A Decade of Reform School | Part Two

For many years, Southern Baptists have been known for standing boldly against the rising tide of liberalism and political correctness sweeping America. Today, our approach sounds more like CNN than FOX.

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The Seven Churches of Revelation: A New Look


In the past, I’ve taught these chapters from a historical, dynamic and a prophetic viewpoints. By historical, I taught that there were seven actual churches in actual cities with actual congregations.

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Senseless Rules

Walker Moore - book

Obeying your parents honors the Lord and improves your life. Following this rule will prevent many heartaches and scars. And God also said if you follow it, you’ll live longer.

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Is Sovereignty An Eternal Attribute of God That Non-Calvinists Deny?


The attribute of God’s Sovereignty is not an eternal attribute. Sovereignty means complete rule or dominion over others. For him to be in control over others there has to be others in which to control. He can’t display His power over creatures unless the creatures exist.

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Grading A Decade of Reform School | Part One

Southern Baptist reforms have taken place, mostly at the national level, occurring with such subtlety that they have been largely undetected by the people in the pews. These failing reforms offer motion without progress—like a car stuck in the mud and spinning its wheels.

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