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The Persecuted Church


I grow weary seeing 21 Egyptian Christians lose their heads for Christ, while our “churches” refuse to give up their Wednesday evenings to study the Word of God. If you are too busy to attend church to hear the teaching of the Word, then you are TOO busy. I am at a loss for words as to how to even begin to compare their faith with ours.

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The Two Pillars of Calvinism Examined | Part One


Calvinism is a diverse and complex theological system. When one attempts a study of the system, it doesn’t take long to discover that there are many side roads and many twists and turns in the path to understanding. The problem is complicated by those who hold to the system because there is no single view that all Calvinists accept.

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A Lesson On Sin From 1929


Sin? It’s out of date, old fashioned, and to consider any behavior, attitude, or action sinful is just not acceptable to the dullards who promote themselves to be the wise men of today.

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Does the Gospel of John Teach Unconditional Election? | Conclusion


The Calvinists will tend to emphasize the role of “God” in loving the world and giving the Son. The Arminians will tend to stress the word “whosoever” as indicating human freedom and the human decision-making process in salvation.

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Is God Like the Terrorists?


If I shoot a man without cause, that action would be wrong. But if a police officer shoots a man with cause, then the action would be regarded as justified. The same action is judged differently when it is carried out by different actors in different circumstances.

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