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Is The Lego Movie Really All That?


A Lego aficionado will marvel at some of the designs on film since literally everything in this film could be built from actual Lego bricks. It really is “all that” in terms of the buzz it has been getting?

Why I Write as I Do / Unappreciated Pastor


The point is to lay myself bare and reveal the sins and attitudes that small church pastors battle. My motive is not to hurt anyone’s feelings.

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The Problem of Hatred


There has already been a third-party reconciler named Jesus, and a greater reconciler will never exist.

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On Predestination / W A Criswell


The decree of God, the elective purpose of God, the predestinated announcement of God always carries with it the effort of man. They go together; God’s decree and purpose and man’s volition and choice.

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Love One Another / Walker Moore


Yes, I still find myself going from meeting-to-meeting. When I was an associate pastor, I was on 21 committees at the same time. We even had a Committee on Committees.