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Born Guilty? An Interview With Dr. Adam Harwood


Check out this great interview between Leighton Flowers and Dr. Adam Harwood!

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Salvation Doctrine Quiz


What is my Salvation Doctrine? We hope that this will help with those who are unsure where they are in the Soteriological stream.

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What Were the Early SBC Leaders’ View of Salvation?: A View from the Mountains


For most Baptists, Methodists, and Presbyterians by the mid-twentieth century, revival meetings were eradicated and churches went back to normal. As I learned in seminary years later, church historians pointed to the Second Great Awakening, led by Charles Finney, as the progenitor of such revivals.

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They Never Even Voted

While IMB Trustees were informed of the plan, there was no “up or down” vote taken on the matter. At best, the Trustees can be said to have offered their tacit approval through mutual consent.

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Parenting in Post-Christian America

“Don’t you worry about raising your children in such a dangerous place?” The missionary chuckled. “Our kids are just fine. But when we watch the news these days, my wife and I pray for you folks trying to raise kids in America. WE are worried about YOU.”

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