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I Lied Without Saying a Word / Unappreciated Pastor


Life hasn’t been easy around my house lately. My wife had a bit of an accident. She made some chili for the world hunger night at church.

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Is their god our God?


Americans and Muslim jihadists both strive for freedom, economic justice, religious liberty, love of children; therefore, they are just like us.

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The Ant, the SBC & Swarm Intelligence

David Crosby

“Baptists definitely fit in the ‘no commander, no overseer or ruler’ group. We are fiercely independent” — David Crosby.

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Should Jesus be ‘none of my business’? / Hariette Petersen


But to have another mega-church pastor pass his individual dictate upon the brethren who seek to protect rights? It just eats at my soul.

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The path, person & promise / Junior Hill


“Now, what do you think would have happened if I sat next to that man and said, ‘Sir, I’m an evangelist. Will you give me a thousand dollars’”? — Junior Hill.

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