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What Is The Gospel?


We are having conversations and disagreements as to the message and content of the gospel, and these divergent views seem to be leading to contentious discussions about the foundation of our belief system.

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Whose Soteriology Is Really “Man-Centered” and “Humanistic?”


Did Christ not teach us to stop and help our enemies rather than “pass them by on the other side?” (Luke 10:25-37) Yet, are we to believe God passes over most of his own enemies from the time they are born until the time they die? How can one reconcile this with the God revealed in Christ?

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Ten Ways A Pastor’s Wife Can Help Her Child Through Tough Times In Ministry

As hard as it is for a pastor’s wife to endure ministerial trials, it is even harder for her to watch her child suffer. So what can she do to help her children through the tough times in ministry?

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The Kingdom Is Not Given To the Church


The prophesied removal of the Kingdom from the nation of Israel is unquestioned. Commentaries are all over the map (mostly the wrong map) about the nature of the Kingdom which would be removed. This article focuses on the nation to whom the Kingdom will be given.

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The Name Game

Walker Moore - book

All this explains why I lead students to do “Jesus’ ministry.” Every day, without fail, some student will come up and ask me, “What are we doing today?” I have only one answer: “Jesus’ ministry.” We are not doing mission work, First Church of something work or Baptist work; we are simply doing Jesus’ ministry.

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