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Parenting in Post-Christian America

“Don’t you worry about raising your children in such a dangerous place?” The missionary chuckled. “Our kids are just fine. But when we watch the news these days, my wife and I pray for you folks trying to raise kids in America. WE are worried about YOU.”

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A Visit From The Great Shepherd


In the quiet morning hours of Wednesday, August 26, the Great Shepherd visited our home and took his lamb, Sherri, to be with him.

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The Preacher and His Call


What if “the call” itself is actually an extra Biblical concept that has been made up. What if the concept of “the call” has no Biblical basis and actually hinders Christian men from relying on Scripture alone as a guide when considering becoming a pastor?

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TEST the Trustees!

Dr. Rick Patrick

What I heard in Columbus was a lot of positive talk about blowing up funnels and removing caps in order to get more missionaries to the field. It was like a pep rally.

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Biblical Punching Bags


Scripture presents its heroes warts-and-all! Noah gets drunk, Abraham and Isaac tell lies, David commits adultery, Paul starts out as a persecutor, and the list could continue. In fact, there are very few characters in Scripture (about whom we know much) for whom we do not have at least one big sin on record.