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Rejecting Calvinism Does Not Require a Weak View of Depravity

Ronnie Rogers is senior pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Norman, Okla.

The truth is that both Calvinism and Extensivism recognize the need for a sovereign pre-conversional work of grace, but we disagree on what is included in that work, and that is due to our disagreement regarding the nature of man and not merely biblical depravity.

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Has Religion or Godlessness Killed More People?


Add up all the atrocities committed by Marx, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, Lenin and their disciples — and you will quickly dispel the notion that they are smarter and govern more compassionately than “we” individuals who truly believe in a God who someday will hold all mankind morally accountable for their beliefs and behaviors.

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Does the Gospel of John Teach Unconditional Election? | Part Two


While the connection of creation and redemption can be made, and God’s sovereignty as creator is clear, it is extremely difficult to see divine unconditional election being taught in this verse. There is nothing in this opening verse that would even remotely suggest that God chose some individuals to receive salvation while others would be left hopelessly lost.

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Raising Children In A Shifting World | Part One

Walker Moore - book

When I was growing up, even the TV shows matched my parents’ values. Remember Father Knows Best? That’s why teaching Scriptures in the home as well as the church has become so much more critical. Our children need to develop the knowledge and skills of the Kingdom much earlier and be challenged in deeper ways. Otherwise, they’ll blend your values with those of others.

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A Final But Hopeful Plea For the Healing of the Ergun Caner Family


Bucky Kennedy | Pastor First Baptist Church, Vidalia, GA I would like to offer a final address toward the current circumstances regarding Ergun Caner specifically and then another issue generally.

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