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Extensivism’s View of the Origin of Sin and God’s Offer of Salvation | Part One

Ronnie Rogers is senior pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Norman, Okla.

Man is a free moral agent with the ability to choose to sin or not to sin, which means that he is the efficient cause of sin, and thereby avoids the intrinsic revelatory problems of Calvinism and compatibilism with regard to the origin of sin and God desiring people to sin or be in hell.

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A Word to Young Preachers about Pride


If you’re not willing to preach in the basement, you have no business preaching in the bay window. The trick is improving your preaching talent and skills without simultaneously attempting to carve out your own niche in the Preaching Hall of Fame.

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What of Those Who Will Never Claim the Prize?


Imagine living your whole life knowing that you will never achieve your dreams. You will never have what God had wanted to give you, if only you had remained faithful to Him.

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Grace & Glory


Obviously, God does sincerely and self-sacrificially love even those who turn from His sacrificial provision, which is one of His most gracious, self-glorifying characteristics. A characteristic that many Calvinists are unintentionally undermining in an effort to promote their systematic interpretation.

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A Theodicy in Three Acts | Part Two


The passage contains the most beautiful exhibition of the power of true religion to be found in the Bible. The language is that of a mind weaned from earthly enjoyments, and habituated to find the highest fruition of its desires in God.

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