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Five Theological Models Relating Determinism, Divine Sovereignty & Human Freedom / Steve Lemke, Ph.D.

Steve Lemke 2

The issue is whether or not Christianity is compatible with hard determinism, or whether God exercises His sovereignty in such a way that allows for meaningful human freedom.

Is the Traditional Statement Semi-Pelagian? / Adam Harwood, Ph.D.


Beginning with a false premise leads to a wrong conclusion.

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Answering Tom Hicks on the Free Will of Man / Braxton Hunter, Ph.D.


“This betrays a serious misunderstanding on Hicks’ part concerning the nature of freedom as I explained it in my article” — Dr. B. Hunter.

The Great Commission / Preston Nix, Ph.D.


To make disciples means, very simply, to lead persons to place their faith in Christ. Probably a better rendering of the single Greek word translated “make disciples” is “win disciples.”

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The Security of the Believer / Steve Horn, Ph.D.

steve horn

Can one affirm eternal security without affirming all five points of the TULIP?