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Equally Lost and Equally Savable: No Distinctions!

Ronnie Rogers is senior pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Norman, Okla.

Even the idea of believing refers to individuals since only individuals can exercise faith; I do not see anything in the passage that would indicate that this “all” is restricted to something like all people groups, including some who can be saved. I do not think the passage even hints that this “all” is different from “all” including each person previously spoken of as under sin; of which “there is no distinction.” This understanding corresponds precisely with its usage before and in the following verses.

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The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day


I remember hearing Dr. J. Howard Edington preach a message based on Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43, titled, “Jesus and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day” at Beeson Divinity School (07/30/97). Since then, I discovered sermons similarly titled with a different name based on a different text, featuring Moses, Job, and Paul. If we knew with certainty that Hezekiah wrote Psalm 120; we could title this message, “Hezekiah and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.”

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An Incendiary Statement?


The comments of Moore were emotionally charged reactions, not well reasoned responses. The ERLC consistently states that it is its desire to show churches how they should respond in the midst of difficult cultural crises. Well, do we really want our churches and pastors out there emoting in the public sphere in a manner inconsistent with James 1:19-20?

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The Miracle

Walker Moore - book

I grew up in a generation that didn’t have childproof bottles, cabinets or electrical sockets. We didn’t have car seats, seatbelts or airbags. I have probably ridden a thousand miles lying in the back window of a car with the sun beating down on me. My brothers and I rode bikes, hung upside down from trees, jumped off roofs, climbed hay bales and rode to town in the bed of a pickup without adult supervision.

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Child Evangelism and Calvinism


When evangelizing Jews, atheists, Jehovah’s Witnesses or any other type of person, there are a lot of resources to guide me. But I haven’t found any help on how to witness to a confused child—young or adult—of a Calvinist. I experienced the new Reformed movement without the influence of the non-Calvinist majority. I have seen it for the past fifteen years—long enough to observe its affects on the second generation.

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