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Churches Are Too Big!


Having been a pastor of both small and large churches, I think I can give a few observations that bring me to my conclusion that churches are too big.

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Should Ministers Still Extend “Decisional Invitations?”


The invitation, as it has come to be known, holds a special place in the hearts of many believers in that it was the moment at which they embraced Christianity and truly became followers of Christ.

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Significant Tasks

Walker Moore - book

If you ask people what they do for a living, they will describe themselves according to their significant tasks: “I am a mother,” “I am a teacher,” “I am a doctor” or whatever task identifies them best. Having a significant task is a part of our God-given DNA.

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BINO’s, MINO’s and Moore

Dr. Rick Patrick

The Voluntary Retirement Incentive targeting existing missionaries comes with a certain price tag. We are paying trained missionaries to incentivize their premature return from the field. This does not increase missions, but decreases it.

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Live Courageously Through the Power of God | Part Two


Courage that does not rest on Christ’s presence is audacity rather than courage, and sure to collapse.

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