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Live Long and Prosper


Our culture is enamored with professional entertainers. When they die the world seems to stop. Many of these “stars” dedicate their lives to finding something available nowhere else but in Jesus Christ.

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Historical Reflections Upon Calvinism and Southern Baptists | Part One


There are those today who take the view that the founders of the Baptist denomination (the ones who were right, anyway,) were Calvinists – and therefore all Baptists ought to be as well. This might be called the historical argument for Calvinism.

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Gardens In the Decision-less Desert

Jonathan Carter

When I took my first pastorate, which I am still currently serving, I had stars in my eyes and visions of grandeur. I envisioned filling the pews and having to put out chairs because of all the people that would be coming. I envisioned our student ministry taking off and our children’s department to do the same.

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The Root Of Worldliness

Brad Whitt

I’m not called to be driven out of the world, but to make sure that the world is driven out of me. I’m to do everything, with the help of the Spirit of God, to remove every vestige of this selfish desire from my own heart.

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The Three Choices of God: Divine Election made simple


If Peter is supposed to be a Calvinist warning against the Arminian interpretations of Paul (as I’ve heard some say), then he certainly chose words unlike any Calvinist I’ve ever heard…

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