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No Psalm in all the Psalter expresses the tremendous truth that God’s presence and power are with us in all circumstances more than the 46th Psalm.

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Youth Targeted Calvinism | Part One

Dr. Rick Patrick

Southern Baptist youth groups are filled with young people converting away from the traditional doctrines held by their parents in favor of more Calvinistic views on salvation, church, culture and ministry.

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Finish the Wall


Strange as it may seem, please allow me to insert a biblical principle into your life: every opportunity is NOT from God. Please further allow me to illustrate this from a biblical example from the life of Nehemiah.

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Churches Are Too Big!


Having been a pastor of both small and large churches, I think I can give a few observations that bring me to my conclusion that churches are too big.

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Should Ministers Still Extend “Decisional Invitations?”


The invitation, as it has come to be known, holds a special place in the hearts of many believers in that it was the moment at which they embraced Christianity and truly became followers of Christ.

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