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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from all of us at SBC Today and Connect 316!

Wrong Place At The Right Time


It is that time of year again: Christmas. The time is right. We can feel it in the air; however, the feeling should be stronger in our hearts. We should not know the season because of what we see with our eyes: stockings, trees, and presents. We should know the season due to our devotion to Jesus Christ Himself. Beloved, the time is right, but I believe many of us are at the wrong place.

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The Christmas Rush


If we can have Christianity without Christ, it is obvious that we can have Christmas without Christ! The only cure for either of these is a Christ-Centered Life! We need to quit trying to get unbelievers to “Keep Christ in Christmas” whether they are church members or not. In so doing, we are asking them to be hypocrites. Christmas is meaningless unless Jesus Christ is Savior and Lord!

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Where Have You Been?


At this Christmas season, may God remind us once again that we are all debtors to the unevangelized around the world, as Paul says in Romans 1:14. Emmanuel, God with Us, has come. His name is Jesus. How can we not give, go, and pray on behalf of those who have never heard the gospel?

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The Wow Factor

Walker Moore - book

There used to be a day when I was inspired and entertained by a fan. I remember when my parents bought a box fan that sat on the floor. In those days, they made fans without many safety features. The blades were metal and resembled those of an airplane propeller. My brothers and I would sit for long periods of time and play with that fan. We would take playing cards and insert them into the rotating blades, waiting for the sound as each blade hit the cards: “Phfft, phfft, phfft, phfft.” We would sing or make funny noises into the fan and take turns listening to our distorted voices coming out the other side.

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