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Bringing Baptist Back

Rick Mug 2015 - Version 8

We are becoming less Southern, less Baptist and less of a Convention. Perhaps not so coincidentally, matters of late have not been going particularly well.

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Cursive Interpreter

Walker Moore - book

My friends, we’ve got this in the bag. A hundred years from now, the newspaper headlines may read, “Last Cursive Interpreter Passes Away at the Age of 104.” Like those who carved the words on the Rosetta Stone, we’ll take our cursive-reading secrets to the grave.

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Is There A Better Strategy To Reach the World?


If we do not quickly revise our strategy in order to train and equip an army of national leaders and support them as they plant indigenous churches, then we will continue to give more money and get less results.

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Word Pictures of the Most Wonderful Person | Part Two


Our salvation does not depend upon how good we have been, nor yet how bad we have been—it depends wholly on what we do with Jesus.

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Steve McQueen: He Knew Where He Was Going!


Miracle of miracles, McQueen started showing up at Mason’s church, the Ventura Missionary Church, pastored by Leonard Dewitt.

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