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Where Do You Draw The Line?


If my pastor knew a teacher in the youth ministry was telling my three teenagers that God did not love and desire everyone to be saved and he did nothing to address it, I would be upset. Most Baptist parents would!

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Blessed Are The Mourners


One of the realities that can prompt mourning in the heart of a dedicated Christian is the lack of seriousness that many professing Christians seem to invest in pursuing what they claim is the Ultimate Reality, namely, the Lord Christ.

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Second-Chance Parenting

Walker Moore - book

There is no such thing as a professional parent. When it comes to raising our children, we’re all amateurs.

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5 Reasons Thinking Christians Don’t Affirm Opposing World Views


I have written this brief article for Christians to share with other Christians or with skeptical friends when faced with the question of why evangelicals speak as though their own world view represents the only true religion.

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The Cause of Every Church Problem


Whether it is a huge battle that results in a church split, or a small battle that just makes the life of the pastor and everyone involved miserable, my experience has been that there is one major cause of battle.

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