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Word Pictures of the Most Wonderful Person


Which Jesus shall we follow? Several versions of Jesus are out there. For some, He was a humble Jewish rabbi whose gentle teachings were hijacked by people like Paul and turned into a Savior that He never meant to be. He’s been called a magician as well as a great psychologist.

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The IMB had one of the best communications teams in the denomination. With one fell swoop, most of them are now gone or will be in the next three months. These are men and women who have devoted their lives to the ministry of “telling the story.”

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A Great Commission Resurgence?


Chapel sermon from Dr. Chuck Kelly of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary discussing the Great Commission.

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A “New” Lesson On Preaching


Paul himself felt insufficient for the great and glorious task of preaching the Gospel (2 Corinthians 2:16; 3:5-6).

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Does the ERLC Represent the SBC?


When an unnamed staffer “boasted” to the online media outlet Think Progress in October 2014 that Russell Moore had “completely rebranded” the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, few could have imagined what this meant.

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