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Counterbalancing the Clouds

Brad Whitt

Before I can accurately assess any tragedy or consider any calamity that comes into my life I must know whether or not there is something to counterbalance or compensate against it.

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The Church, Abraham Lincoln, and the Great Issues of Our Day


It is vital that pastors, preachers and Bible teachers apply the teaching of God’s Word to the great issues of the day and to the issues and needs of their community and congregation.

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Pelagianism: The Calvinist’s Boogie Man


Typically, the accusation comes from those who are less informed about the historical use of these labels and their actual meanings as it relates to our current soteriological disagreements.

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Unity Through Transparency Agenda

Rick Mug 2015 - Version 8

The prerequisite for unity in the Southern Baptist Convention is the restoration of trust and transparency between denominational elites and the people in our pews paying the bills.

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IMB Exodus: 1,132 Missionaries & Staff Take ‘Voluntary’ Pink Slips


Southern Baptists’ overseas mission forces will be reduced to levels not seen since 1993 with the departure of about 22 percent of its personnel, including 983 missionaries leaving the field and 149 severing ties from various stateside assignments.

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