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Gaining a Fuller Understanding / David Allen, Ph.D.


Fuller: “I tried to answer my opponent . . . but I could not. I found not merely his reasonings, but the Scriptures themselves, standing in my way.”

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Evangelist Ronnie Hill: Innovative & Effective


For almost 25 years, Dr. Ronnie Hill has engaged the work of an evangelist in the United States and internationally.

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Historical Southern Baptist Soteriology, pt. 3/3


Now, there is no coercion in conversion…A man is converted because he wishes to be…all agree, Calvinist and Arminian alike, that every regenerated soul has desired and sought forgiveness.

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Brittany comes to Christ

Now it's your turn to tell the world what God is doing in your church.

Brittany, her mother, and I bowed at the altar. I led Brittany through the Sinner’s Prayer. It was a long prayer due to all the pausing for tears.

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A Penny for Wiersbe? Yes!


That’s right, one cent buys this book by Dr Warren Wiersbe.