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Why Free Will Instead of Determinism?


I believe the answer to this question helps us, in our finite limited capacities, to understand some of the motivation behind God’s creation of this world with free moral creatures.

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A Caution to Christian Leaders on Public Discussions of a Presidential Candidate


I am not suggesting that you should disengage from politics. Advocate for religious liberty for all people. Urge believers to be good citizens who participate in the political process and vote according to their conscience. Advocate for biblical values, regardless of which candidates or parties support those values.

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Live Courageously Through the Power of God | Part One


Courage that does not rest on Christ’s presence is audacity rather than courage, and sure to collapse.

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Are You Proud of Your Faith?


The very suggestion that we could be proud of our faith should immediately raise a red flag in the mind of any believer. It fails the smell test. Now, granted, there may be a sense in which we might use the term “proud’ in an appropriate context.

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What’s Wrong With Seminary?


It has been my experience that many pastors without seminary training see no need for training, and some even see those with training as sub-spiritual. On the opposite side, those who have been blessed to receive the training see it as indispensable.

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