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Challenging Truth for Changing Times | Part One


While self-control is beneficial to individuals and to society, there is a more excellent way. What is it? It is to be controlled by the Holy Spirit…

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Trust: The Irreplaceable Currency of Voluntary Missionary Movements


When I think about the work we do together as Baptists, I am amazed that a voluntary missionary movement such as ours has prospered in miraculous ways – and that is what the Southern Baptist (SB) denomination is – a voluntary missionary movement – an incredibly successful one at that.

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IMB Baptisms Hit Lowest Level Since 1969


The information being reported for 2015 represents work done in 2014 during the transition of IMB leadership from Tom Elliff to David Platt who was elected in August 2014 to replace Elliff.

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Why I Am Not An Arminian | Part Three


We are neither Calvinists nor Arminians; we are Baptists!

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Set An Example

Walker Moore - book

As a citizen of this country, I have deep concerns about the conduct of this year’s presidential candidates.

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