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There’s a Fire in Adam’s House / Doug Sayers


When I was a Calvinist, I had more trouble fending off hyper-Calvinism than non-Calvinism. I really didn’t want to be a hyper-Calvinist, but I came to see that there wasn’t any real and substantive difference.

Just Passing By / W A Criswell


Philosophical, exegetical and evangelistic, this sermon of our beloved Dr. Criswell is a masterpiece, displaying the consummate pulpiteer’s command of the language.

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Review of “Young, Restless, & No Longer Reformed”


The following review appeared on Scot McKnight’s blog “Jesus Creed” in 2 parts: Part 1 and Part 2.

Management for Ministers & Missionaries / Walker Moore

Walker Moore - book

Jesus spent lots of time pouring His life into those who became the first leaders of the church. After all my years of training leaders, I’ve boiled the process down into three areas: people, time and money.

Gaining a Fuller Understanding / David Allen, Ph.D.


Fuller: “I tried to answer my opponent . . . but I could not. I found not merely his reasonings, but the Scriptures themselves, standing in my way.”

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