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We Need Endurance | Part One


Darkness cannot tolerate light; the more your life illuminates the presence of Christ, the more you should expect opposition from the forces of darkness.

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The Alphabetical Bible

Walker Moore - book

I have seen people struggling when our pastor says, “Turn in your Bibles to the fourth chapter of the book of Jonah, verse 2.” I’ve watched people flipping from one end of the Bible to the other so fast that it created a slight breeze across the congregation.

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Not On My Watch!

Jonathan Carter

“Not on my watch” is a theme that we here at SBC Today feel is a philosophy that undergirds our commitment to continue supporting IMB missionaries overseas who may have technically retired, but are still seeking to reach the nations.

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But His Word…


His Word will completely burn every excuse we have. The Word will burn to ash every false expectation we have.

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Cleansing The Temple

Brad Whitt

You show your face in the church house on Sunday for the chance that He will pay you back by giving you material blessings. And to be honest, God puts up with this for a little while.

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