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John Piper and Definite Atonement | Part One


Piper argues for a “unique love of God for his elect that accounts for the unique effect of definite atonement in saving them.” He continues: “Others are not made alive. Therefore, this love is a distinguishing love. It is not given to all. It is given to sinners who are predestined for sonship.” Notice the logical fallacy in this argument. Granting for the sake of argument that we can distinguish different kinds of love (God’s saving love for the elect and general love for the non-elect), how does this support or entail definite atonement? It does not.

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Obadiah Holmes: Struck by a Rose


The injuries inflicted on Holmes give new meaning to how important believer’s baptism is by immersion. Here was a brave warrior for Christ who was willing to endure such brutality and injustice so that the cause of Christ and what He commanded us to do in the Great Commission could be advanced. We see believer’s baptism by immersion in a new light with such a story of suffering for the cause of Christ and the Baptist faith. May we be willing to go and do likewise.

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A Day Is a Day Is a Day of Course: Unless That Day Challenges Darwinism! Part IV

Ronnie Rogers is senior pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Norman, Okla.

This is the last article in this series, which looks at the strengths of interpreting the word “day” in Genesis chapter 1 as a normal lunar day and answers objections to this normal reading of the text. The first three considered strengths of such a reading and this final article considers some problem verses.

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Asking NAMB to Disclose Church Planting Partners

Dr. Rick Patrick

As the pastor of a Southern Baptist Church happy to partner with NAMB in the planting of new Southern Baptist churches, let me thank you for all that you are doing for His Kingdom. I assure you the request I am making in this correspondence stems from a profound sense of gospel stewardship and an unwavering belief that those churches who participate through the North American Mission Board in planting new churches deserve to receive a complete disclosure of any and all information deemed helpful in understanding our mutual work.

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Helping the Helpless? Or Helping Themselves?


Southern Baptists have been blessed by doing North American and International mission through the tried and true method known as the Cooperative Program. Look what is happening in other places where a CP model is not used.

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