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4. Restoring Trust in our Trustee System

Rick Mug 2015 - Version 8

For quite some time now in Southern Baptist life, when controversial decisions have been made within our entities, I have heard our leaders repeat the mantra, “Trust the trustees!” But is it truly a prudent exercise of stewardship to bestow upon our trustee boards this kind of unlimited trust?

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We Are Right and You Must Agree


Question: Is agreement on Calvinism really worth all the vitriol and division that this unnecessary family argument is bringing? What is going to be accomplished if Calvinists succeed?

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A Theodicy in Three Acts


Habakkuk was a person of great faith and great courage who dared take the theological teaching of his day and test it against the experiences of his own personal life and of the nation.

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Calvinism, God’s Goodness, and Assurance


I was in danger of finding out that in the end I was not saved, not due to my misunderstanding or misappropriation of the gospel, or even my very own self deception, but rather, it was God who was responsible for the whole thing.

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Mid-Atlantic Baptist Network Response To ‘Open Letter Of Concern’


We remain excited for the future direction of our Network and are looking forward to accomplishing great things for God’s Kingdom.

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