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Were the Twins Foreknown?


When discussing Romans 8:29 Calvinist’s will typically argue that a personal intimacy is in view.

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A Case for Soft-Libertarian Freedom in Human Beings After the Fall | Part One


Secular philosophers have for centuries struggled to determine whether and how what is known as libertarian freedom is philosophically possible.

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In Defense of The Not-So-Mega-Church


Mega churches have plenty to offer kids. Lots of staff. Expensive, well-planned activities. Matching t-shirts with catchy slogans on them…but they are the minority.

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Price Versus Cost

Walker Moore - book

That is one of the great teachings of the scriptures: in reaching others, God uses the heart much more than the body.

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The Outlook From the Lookout | Part Two


The outlook from the lookout is a working definition of the task of a watchman. A watchmen performed the special service of watching for an approaching enemy and of warning the inhabitants of a walled city of danger.

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