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Category: Front Page Posts

Seeking and Saving


Fellow Christian, either we are seeking and saving the lost, or we are sulking as we savor our own salvation. Evangelism must be intentional. It will never happen by accident.

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Russell, We Have a Constitution


This is not the first time the ethicist and the Judge have been at odds. When the Judge refused to remove a monument of the Ten Commandments from the Alabama Supreme Court, Dr. Moore sided with the Federal Government. Now we have Moore-vs-Moore, round two.

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True Love’s Kiss

Walker Moore - book

As children, our understanding of love comes more or less in the context of self and family. We love our mommies, we love our dogs and we love our teddy bears, but outside of that, we have no context in which to experience or understand love.

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Does the Gospel of John Teach Unconditional Election? | Part Three


A modified Arminian-Calvinistic position will generally not please either Calvinists or Arminians, “both of whom will seek to emphasize certain words or texts and exclude from consideration other texts and words. But in spite of all the arguments to the contrary, this tension between the divine and human aspects of salvation cannot finally be resolved by our theological gymnastics.”

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Rejecting Calvinism Does Not Require a Weak View of Depravity

Ronnie Rogers is senior pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Norman, Okla.

The truth is that both Calvinism and Extensivism recognize the need for a sovereign pre-conversional work of grace, but we disagree on what is included in that work, and that is due to our disagreement regarding the nature of man and not merely biblical depravity.

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