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Concerning Alcoholic Beverages

Dr. L. Paige Patterson

Wine has one, unqualified, good use in Scripture, and that is as a metaphor for the wrath of God.

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For The Love Of Money | Part One


“If Moses had not left the prosperity of Egypt he would have never known the presence of God.”

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8. Freedom of the Press

Rick Mug 2015 - Version 8

If a leader in the Southern Baptist Convention has earned a less than flattering portrait based on the choices, decisions and statements they have made, then the press needs to be free to present that perspective without any fear of recrimination, such as a loss of employment or reduction in pay.

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Troublemakers in the SBC: Do We Want Unity or Division?


The perception is that those who LEAD are going to do so for the sake of unity while those who do not work toward unity are not leaders but in fact troublemakers.

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The Results of Resisting God | Part Two


He (God) would have to violate His Holiness to bless America today and He will not do that. In fact, His nature keeps Him from violating His holiness….

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