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The Fear of God: Lost and Found | Part One


Do you know what’s wrong in America today? We have a generation of people who don’t fear God

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EDITORIAL: Why are IMB leaders not answering questions?


Fifteen questions about the management practices and philosophy of the International Mission Board remain unanswered despite multiple attempts through several channels to get specific details about how Southern Baptists’ $300 million cooperative overseas evangelistic effort is being led.

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5. Requiring Baptists to be Baptists

Rick Mug 2015 - Version 8

The membership requirements for a church to remain in friendly cooperation with the Southern Baptist Convention are so weak that we run the risk of watering down our doctrinal standards in the areas of baptism and congregational polity.

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The Hell Pile


I had always been taught that God created the world and it was good, but that Adam and Eve sinned and their posterity inherited a sinful nature and thus were separated from God.

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The Lamb’s Book of Life


I would be interested to explore how a Calvinist who is not a supralapsarian would maintain their perspective of the Lamb’s Book of Life being completed by God unconditionally before the foundation of the world.

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