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The Results of Resisting God | Part One


America of today is quickly becoming unrecognizable by those of us who grew up in a very different world only fifty years ago and anyone with a modicum of common sense would have to admit that.

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Disapproving God’s Plan | Part One


Calvinism teaches that God has sovereignly planned and brought about every meticulous detail, including the evil intentions of His creatures, in order to glorify Himself.

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7. Taking Care of Business

Rick Mug 2015 - Version 8

The Annual Meeting is a tightly orchestrated drama that pretends to have a certain spontaneity, but with the exception of candidate elections, almost everything else has been predetermined.

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A Response to Dr. Russell Moore’s Article


When the church in America turns to God in repentance, one of the benefits is its impact and influence in America or any nation where the church of God is planted.

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Colossians Against Calvinism


Colossians is against Universalism. Colossians is against Judaism. Colossians is against Gnostic-like teachings. Colossians is against Calvinism.

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