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The Value of Vigilance: Hariette Petersen


by Hariette Petersen
Hariette blogs HERE

“He who calls you is faithful, who also will do it.” 1 Thessalonians 5:24.

A friend recently questioned my reasons for engaging the various battles in life when it all seemed so “pointless.”

I understood her frustration. I’m the woman who wonders about all the battles when faced with monumental opposition at every turn: 

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March 3 in Baptist History: Radical Rewind


3 March 1528
Balthasar Hubmaier arrested.
Executed 7 days later.
He prayed: “Let me not be ashamed in eternity.”
He wasn’t.
Rev. 14:13.

Radical Rewind/Re-read:
Believer’s baptism and those who got in “hot water.”


The “Sinner’s Prayer” makes another disciple

Now it's your turn to tell the world what God is doing in your church.

submitted by:
Allen Michael Rea, pastor
Dunn Memorial Baptist Church
Baxley, Ga.

The “Sinner’s Prayer” makes another disciple

A little girl walked the aisle Sunday evening with her daddy during the altar call to tell me that she said the “Sinner’s Prayer” on Thursday night. Christ died for her, as well as for all the world. She will be baptized by immersion very soon. She said a sinner’s prayer. Her father received the joy of leading her in that prayer. God is good. I am thankful to be able to say with a clear conscience from the Word of God to all sinners that Christ died for them. I am thankful to see God continue to use altar calls. I am thankful to have Traditional, Southern Baptist convictions. I am thankful for the calling to ministry. I am just plain thankful. I will stop typing now…I am just a little excited.



Truett-McConnell College assists NAMB
in electronic evangelism endeavors
by Norm Miller

CLEVELAND, Ga., (TMNews)—A former Muslim and former Hindu signed a pact to share the gospel of Jesus Christ in North America.

Officials representing Truett-McConnell College and the Southern Baptist Convention’s North American Mission Board inked a partnership agreement that will equip students, staff and faculty interested in sharing the Christian faith via the telephone and Internet.

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Why the Older Grow Wiser? For the Younger!


by Walker Moore
founder, president of AweStar Ministries

Walker Moore has for decades trained and led thousands of teens on international missions trips, thus changing their lives as disciples and changing the eternities for others who became disciples as a result.
Walker is gifted by God in preaching and leadership. Having spoken at state Baptist conventions, local associations, major churches and missions conferences across the SBC, he remains an influential voice for missions among pastors, church staff and members, and teens.
To book Walker as a speaker in your church or conference, click HERE.

ometimes I feel like I’ve been working with young people way too long. These days, I find myself in an unusual position. When I hang out with people my age, I hear them talking about retirement plans, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, moving to a warmer climate and meeting at various homes for something called “Bunko.” I’m not sure what that is, but if it has to be done outside of the church, I suspect money, dice or playing cards must be involved.

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