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Student Not Better than Teacher

Dr. David Crosby, Pastor, First Baptist Church, New Orleans, LA A friend told me last Sunday, “I want to take the country back.” He meant by this, I think, that he wanted to return to a time when the United States seemed to operate within a Protestant ethos. My own sense of Christianity and the […]

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Thank God for the CR

One of the reasons that the CR was needed is illustrated by the recent string of articles in the Associated Baptist Press on women pastors.  There are some people in our SBC sphere of existence who wish to rewrite history, and who like to think that the CR was not really needed.  They think that […]

How Lost People See Us?

I was reading the On Mission magazine from NAMB when I saw a study done by the Barna Research Group.  The research was done to show how lost people between the ages of 16 to 29 see evangelical Christians.  I’m not sure why this is so important, nor what you and I can do with […]

A Movement Toward the Social Gospel?

Dr. Walter Rauschenbusch is the primary theologian of the Social Gospel.  Dr. Rauschenbusch was a Baptist theologian writing around the turn of the 20th Century.  He was castigated because of his opposition to World War I and after the war, he became more popular as a writing theologian.  The Social Gospel began as a result […]

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I'm Not Sorry for Being a Christian

It’s really sad to hear some people whine and cry and complain about the way that some Christians have messed up in the past, or about all the bad things that they think are happening now.  It’s really sad to hear someone  get up in front of some crowd in a coffee shop, or a […]

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