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Honest Emotions

Nathan Lino, pastor of Northeast Houston Baptist Church, has been a guest contributor here at SBC Today before.  Recently he led his church on a mission trip to Strugis, South Dakota to be involved in sharing Jesus at the largest gathering of motorcycle riders and clubs in the world.  I invite you to view his […]

Evangelism: The Work of the Resurrection

I’m grateful to Dr. David Mills, Associate Professor of Evangelism and Assistant Dean of Applied Ministry at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, for writing and allowing us to publish this great challenge for us regarding evangelism. In the resurrection chapter of 1 Corinthians 15, Paul says much about evangelism. He says he declares to the Corinthians […]

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Poisoning the Fountains of Truth: Part One

This is part of an article originally published January 1922 in the Southwestern Journal of Theology by Dr. L. R. Scarborough entitled, “Poisoning the Fountains of Truth.” It was republished in the most recent Southwestern Journal of Theology, “Baptists and Unity.” May a voice of our past speak to us today. Below is part one […]

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Twitter, Stuart Smalley, and Evangelism

You probably should not post about a tweet (a relatively new discovery for a Twitter novice like me), but it does encapsulate a sentiment that’s been brewing in my brain for some time. Here’s the retweet I received from Rick Warren, “If unbelievers like what they see, they’ll listen to what we say.” I heard […]

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Evangelism When the Cultural Sky is Falling

We’re honored to present to our readers this essay by Dr. David Mills. Dr. Mills serves as Assistant Dean for Applied Ministries and Assistant Professor of Evangelism in the Roy J. Fish School of Evangelism and Missions at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He holds an undergraduate degree from East Texas Baptist University, and graduate degrees […]

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