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Lessons from Flight 1380

April 24, 2018

Adam Covington
Director of Digital Media and Storytelling at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

If you have been near a car radio, a smart phone, or a computer in the last couple of days, the phrase “Flight 1380” will not be foreign to you. This innocuous flight number of a Southwest Airlines plane traveling from LaGuardia airport to the Dallas Love Field airport is now at the forefront of many Americans’ minds and Facebook feeds. The Southwest flight, which experienced an engine failure at 30,000 feet just 30 minutes into the flight path, executed an emergency landing in Philadelphia. One person lost her life as a result of the engine failure.

The stories making headlines from this experience are ones of heroism, bravery, and cool-headedness in the face of dire circumstances. From pilot Tammie Jo Shults to the firefighter who attempted to resuscitate an injured passenger, the stories are captivating. Continue reading

Toward a ‘By the Book’ and ‘From the Heart’ Kind of Evangelism

March 15, 2018

By: Dr. Matt Queen
Associate Professor of Evangelism and Associate Dean for Doctoral Programs at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared at Theological Matters and is used by permission.

Seventeen years ago, David Beck, a New Testament and Greek professor at Southeastern Seminary, used his sabbatical to address his concern that “evangelism is often recognized as the heartbeat of the church, yet it is rarely the focus of serious research among biblical scholars.”[1] Upon his return, he gave a faculty lecture during a Southeastern chapel service on Nov. 6, 2002. He asked faculty and students: Continue reading

Unlimited: God’s Love, Atonement, and Mission New Book: By Dr. Ken Hemphill

March 12, 2018

By Kyle B. Gulledge, Editor

Dr. Ken Hemphill, current candidate for the Presidency of the Southern Baptist Convention, has a new book entitled Unlimited: God’s Love, Atonement, and Mission.  Dr. Hemphill has pastored churches throughout the Southeast and has served as a denominational leader within the Southern Baptist Convention for twenty years as president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and National Strategist for Empowering Kingdom Growth. He is presently the special assistant to the president for denominational relations at North Greenville University.

This new book covers the following issues:

The unlimited character of God is seen in His unlimited holy love, which is expressed in His unlimited atonement, Mandating an unlimited mission for His church that is empowered by His unlimited resources and assured by His unlimited presence!

Is a person’s eternal destiny sealed before he or she is ever born? Did God create some persons to spend eternity in heaven and others in hell with no choice, or can anyone respond to the gospel?

Everything contained in the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, bears testimony to the unlimited God, an idea that may be overwhelming to contemplate. In Unlimited, Ken Hemphill explores God’s character His unlimited love, atonement, mission, resources, and presence and addresses the crucial issue of who is allowed to respond to gospel. This 6-chapter study will encourage you to confidently join the Unlimited God in His limitless mission.

One reviewer, Paul from San Diego, CA said: “This book is clearly written and deeply biblical. Hemphill addresses God’s sovereignty from a Traditionalist (non-Calvinist) perspective. While many use theological jargon when talking on this issue he writes in the clear, easily accessible style.The books chapters are Unlimited God, Unlimited Love, Unlimited Atonement, Unlimited Mission, Unlimited Resources, and Unlimited Presence.

He embeds theological issues in the biblical story line covering the biblical history from Genesis to Revelation (though not in chronological order.) He covers multiple biblical stories and common proof texts. He teaches on God’s wisdom and love in a loving and wise way; he is a happy warrior. This book was refreshing and a joy to read.”

I only wish this book were available in 30 packs like “More Than a Carpenter” so I could give a lot of them away. If you like this book you might also like “For God So Loved” by J. Sidlow Baxter. If you want more theological books on this topic try Leighton Flowers’ and David L. Allen’s books too.

As there seems to be a growing question about whether God chooses certain people for salvation or whether salvation is offered freely to all the world and anyone can be saved, this book is a great tool and resource for any believer who wants to deepen their understanding of the various positions and beliefs, regardless of whether you are a Traditionalist, Calvinist, or somewhere in between.

Unlimited may be purchased here.

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