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Right of Passage: Tattoo Faith


Faith is found in the oddest places. We expect to find it in church, camps or weekend retreats. But could it be that we limit God to those places when all along he wants to get down from the cross and walk through our lives?

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Make Your Church An Evangelistic Church

David Brumbelow

Always point to salvation in Jesus Christ; don’t assume people know how to be saved; assume they don’t know how to be saved. Make salvation simple and easy to understand.

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Southern Baptist State Leaders Accuse Mission Organization of Strong Arming


The particulars of how funds are distributed to state conventions has come under scrutiny after revelations that NAMB places a restriction on the distribution of funds tied to the silence of state leaders about the “Cooperative Agreements”…

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IMB Baptisms Hit Lowest Level Since 1969


The information being reported for 2015 represents work done in 2014 during the transition of IMB leadership from Tom Elliff to David Platt who was elected in August 2014 to replace Elliff.

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A Great Commission Resurgence?


Chapel sermon from Dr. Chuck Kelly of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary discussing the Great Commission.

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