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Category: Ecclesiology

Agreement with the Episcopal Primate

Fellow pastor and blogger John Quincy Hooks has graciously invited me, along with a couple other members of the SBC Today team, to participate the last two weeks in his internet radio program, Baptist Talk. I appreciate his kindness in inviting us to join him, and I enjoy the wide-ranging discussion that unfolds. Going into […]

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Glory in the Church

On my desk sits a plaque of the kind that typically contains the name of the person sitting behind the desk. This plaque sat on my grandfather’s desk, and rather than displaying his name, it displays his favorite verse of scripture: Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world […]

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A Three-Planked Revival: The Relevance of the Past for a Great Commission Resurgence

Guest Contributor, Dr. Malcolm Yarnell III, again graces our site with an insightful article on how revival in our convention has been shaped in the past. May the Lord move mightily in our churches as he has in the past! At the beginning of the 20th century, Southern Baptists numbered 1.6 million people. And now, […]

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A Humble Response to the GCR Document and a Dialog with Dr. Reid

Recently, Dr. Alvin Reid responded to a post I wrote after last year’s convention. We have since exchanged very affirming emails and I was truly honored by his generous and kind response. In the post last year, I had some questions concerning what the Great Commission Resurgence (GCR) was all about because it seemed to […]

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Misunderstandings, Monikers, and Misrepresentations: Reflections of an Under-40 Pastor in the SBC

Recent days have seen the increasing warning that pastors under 40 are abandoning the SBC for a movement that is more relevant. Large church pastors on the cutting edge are paraded before the followers of SBC goings-on for the purpose of demonstrating “how it ought to be done.” Falling baptismal rates, shrinking churches, and graying […]

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