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Drifting Away From Our Mission

I am currently preaching through the book of Genesis. It is probably one of my favorite books of the Bible, because it displays the drama of God’s unending love for his creation in the face of willful disobedience and rebellion. In studying chapter two of Genesis I came across a profound thought from Walter Brueggemann. […]

Yes, SBC Today Loves Dr. Russell Moore

One cannot get enough of the young Southern Seminary Vice President. There is only one thing better than an audio recording of Dr. Moore, a video of him preaching. Dr. Moore preached at Southwestern’s chapel last week Thursday, September 13th. Thanks to John B. (in a comment) for alerting SBC Today to this timely message. […]

Balthasar Hubmaier – The Abomination of Infant Baptism

In seminary, I became a big fan of the Anabaptists. While not totally agreeing with all their beliefs, I admired their willingness to sacrifice all for their doctrine. One such doctrine that did not allow compromise was confessional baptism. An excellent resource on Anabaptists is William R. Estep’s book, The Anabaptist Story. In his section […]

John Dagg & The Church Universal: A Brief Exposition

This essay was written for SBC Today by Dr. Peter Lumpkins. Dr. Lumpkins is an ordained Southern Baptist minister living in West Georgia. Beginning in 1981, he has served as Pastor in Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia as well as served briefly with the Louisiana Baptist Convention as Church Planter during seminary. In addition, he has […]

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Dr. Russell Moore – What Are The Major Issues of Today? (Parts 4 & 5)

Today we will present two parts simultaneously (click here for the audio). Part four is really an introduction to Dr. Moore’s call for a renewed Theological and Ecclesiological vision. He states that two areas that need re-visioning are the church’s understanding of authority, as it relates to God’s Word, and community, as it relates to […]