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The Cause of Every Church Problem


Whether it is a huge battle that results in a church split, or a small battle that just makes the life of the pastor and everyone involved miserable, my experience has been that there is one major cause of battle.

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A Seismic Moral Paradigm Shift for America


Once an anchor is hoisted, a ship can sail. The question is who, or what, is controlling the rudder? In America, it is clear to see that the rudder is no longer under the control of a Judeo-Christian ethic.

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Planting Without Harvesting

Has our laser focus on starting new churches actually produced the kind of results envisioned when we restructured our North American Mission Board to become primarily a church-planting network? Starting new churches was never the goal, but was simply the means to the end of making more disciples.

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Can You Lose Your Salvation? Once Saved Always Saved?


Many of us have gone through similar insecurities in dating relationships. We know how we feel about that significant other, but we are not quite sure how they feel about us. What has to happen? The “DTR!” The “Defining of the Relationship.”

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The bottom line is that evangelistic preachers know that they can’t do the work of the Holy Spirit. I cannot offer or provide grace. I can’t regenerate a lost soul. It’s not in my power to glorify anyone in heaven. What I can (and believe I must) do, is to make the explanation and plan of salvation as clear, organized and understandable as possible.

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