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What Do We Do In Light Of Our Changing Culture?

Recently, the Barna Group of Ventura California published an article claiming that Christianity is no longer the default religion of America. It is an excellent article and I highly suggest you read it at the link provided. Their research concluded with four implications. First, Americans see religion in what I call the Golden Corral syndrome. […]

One Truth of Scripture?

Someone well said; A minister without boldness is like a smooth file, a knife without an edge, a sentinel that is afraid to let off his gun. Men will be bold in sin, and ministers must be bold to reprove. How are ministers to reprove sin?  Well it is based on Scripture.  If a minister […]

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Declining Membership

LifeWay has released the compiled statistics from the most recent Annual Church Profile, and they show that, for the first time, the Southern Baptist Convention has seen a decline in total membership over the previous year. Some suggest that this decline has the potential to be a good sign, if it could be determined that […]

I Like Jesus and The Church

I’m still waiting for the author who has the fortitude to tell us what they appear to assume to be true: Jesus is in but the church is out. This pointed remark is not a vicious slam on the need to be missional and incarnational, but it does express the disillusionment I feel when reading […]

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