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Rewiring the American Church


Many pastors and staff members have grasped that the Bible is a guidebook to all of life–but many primarily resort to psychology as the trustworthy source in guiding people.

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Spiritual Entropy: Part Two


It is my opinion that unless the SBC can find a way to help combat this situation, that in fifteen to twenty years we will not have forty-four thousand churches but we will consist of about twenty-five to thirty-thousand churches.

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A Prehistoric Final Judgment?


One of the more glaring flaws in the Calvinistic understanding of salvation is it’s emasculation of the final judgment. Calvinists, typically, place great emphasis on being chosen by God, before He made the first man, but only offer occasional and dutiful lip service to the final judgment.

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Pimples and Purgatory: Should One Weird View Distract Us?


Obviously, many Catholics affirm purgatory, but it’s unusual, to say the least, to find a card carrying protestant who thinks it all works.

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Troublemakers in the SBC: Do We Want Unity or Division?


The perception is that those who LEAD are going to do so for the sake of unity while those who do not work toward unity are not leaders but in fact troublemakers.

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