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A New Life for a Dead Camel in the New York Times

Just when one thinks something has been debated ad nauseum we find others take up interest.  The New York Times recently ran an article on Dr. Ergun Caner’s disagreement with The Camel Method.  This came to their attention through our podcast #21 where Dr. Caner made some bold statements and even had to apologize because […]

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Podcast Episode 24

Today on our podcast, we are joined once again by Dr. Ergun Caner, President of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary.  In this episode we talk with Dr. Caner about recent events, comments he has made and comments which have been made about him. Listen to the podcast by using the player below, or subscribe in iTunes […]

"Common Ground" or Common Deception?

Our podcast this week seems to have stirred up some folks, yet there has been no meaningful refutation offered of the basis for all this consternation, specifically Dr. Ergun Caner’s claim that use of the Camel Method by our International Mission Board is deceptive and that the method contains heresy. Admittedly, I’m no expert on […]

Podcast Episode 21

Timid. Reserved. Reticent. All of these are fine adjectives, and none of them describe our guest on this week’s podcast. Dr. Ergun Caner, president of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, joins us for a conversation that ranges from apologetics to camels to task forces. Also this week, we welcomed our newest team member at SBC Today, […]

A Theologian's Response to Contextualization

Dr. Fred Smith, Associate Professor of Theology and Biblical Studies at Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, has penned, at our request, a response to a recent post on another blog. We are grateful to Dr. Smith for his work on this article. More than a Prophet: A response to “My Pilgrimage” on SBCImpact by Dr. Fred […]

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