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So Great A Salvation

December 5, 2016

             Kyle B. Gulledge

By : Kyle B. Gulledge, Associate Pastor
Southview Baptist Church Rosharon, TX
Editor, SBCToday

On this past Tuesday, November 29, Dr. Rick Patrick (Pastor of First Baptist Church Sylacauga, Alabama; Executive Director Connect 316; and Managing Editor of SBCToday) preached in chapel at the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, Texas.  Concerning Dr. Patrick’s sermon, Dr. Barry McCarty, Professor at the School of Preaching at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary said, “It would be a good introduction to share with people who want to understand the Calvinism issue.  While I love, respect, and have worked with many of the Calvinist leaders in the SBC (and will continue to do so) the traditional Baptist “whosoever will” view of salvation is one of the key ideas that led me to become a Southern Baptist.”  If you have not had the opportunity to watch or listen to Dr. Patrick’s sermon you can do so by clicking here.

We are very grateful to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary for allowing us to link to and use this sermon.

If you do not wish to watch the entire video but would like to read the manuscript of Rick’s message, you may click on the pdf link here.

For those of you who might be new to SBCToday, please know that this is a break from our usual format.  However, I made the decision to share this link and promote this message because it is a great explanation of who we are and what we are about at Connect 316 and SBCToday.    

A Prehistoric Final Judgment?

August 30, 2016

by Doug Sayers

***Editor’s Note:  Doug is the author of “Chosen or Not?” which is available for purchase HERE.

Historic Christianity has always insisted on a Final Judgment Day. It is a biblical no-brainer. Many of Jesus’ lessons and parables ended with a final separation of those who are rescued and those who perish. There will be a “settling of accounts” based on God’s eyewitness record of every private (and public) thought, word, and action.   I can bear witness to the biblical claim that this truth was written on my young heart, even as one who was not raised in a Christian home. I knew that God saw everything… and some nights it was hard to fall asleep. (Rom 1, 2) The very thought of being subject to this kind of perfect scrutiny is enough to make you want to put on some fig leaves, run, and hide. It may even lead to a feeble and truth suppressing denial that there is such a God and day of reckoning. But, alas, there is no creature hidden from His sight, but all things are naked and open to the eyes of Him to whom we must give account. (Heb 4:13) Continue reading

Will Calvinism Split The Southern Baptist Convention?

August 23, 2016

Leighton Flowers | Professor of Theology
Dallas, TX

**This article was previously posted by Leighton Flowers on his website and is used by permission.

Leighton is: teaching pastor in his local church, an adjunct Professor of Theology, and the Youth Evangelism Director for Texas Baptists.

Learn more about Leighton, HERE.
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**CORRECTION: Leighton mistakenly inversed the stats about Calvinistic pastors. 70-80% of pastors express concern over the rise of Calvinism while 20-30% support Calvinism according to the most recent studies. Continue reading

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