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The Study of Specialized Words relating to Theology">Thursday is for Theological Terminology:
The Study of Specialized Words relating to Theology

Ron F. Hale, Associate Pastor, West Jackson Baptist Church, Jackson, TN Definite Atonement . . . (also known as Limited Atonement and Particular Redemption) One definition: “The belief that Christ bore the wrath of God for God’s elect alone. God, the Father, chose certain persons to be His children, and on the cross the Son died […]

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Podcast Episode 29

Les Puryear joins us on the podcast to discuss the SBC Majority Initiative and his recent series of posts on the distinction between Reformed pastors and traditional Southern Baptist pastors who are Calvinists. A storm caused us to lose our connection with Les just as we are beginning to discuss his blog series, so you’ll […]

Whosoever Will

I’ve been reading the book by Dr. Steve Lemke and Dr. David Allen entitled “Whosoever Will: a Biblical-Theological Critique of Five-Point Calvinism.” I’m not ready to give a complete book review of it, yet. I’m still reading it. And, according to some people, it takes me a long time to read anything due to my […]

I Officially Resign From Being A Calvinist

After graduating from seminary with my MDIVBL in 2002 and was able to immerse myself more into the Bible rather than what other people thought about the Bible, I began a quest to figure out how salvation works. In other words, how does predestination work in salvation, and what is man’s responsibility in being saved? […]

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A Brief Visit with Dr. Paige Patterson

One year ago yesterday, we posted an interview with Southwestern Seminary president Dr. Paige Patterson, as Tim Rogers talked with Dr. Patterson in Jacksonville, Florida. Today, we present another. Dr. Patterson was in Hugo, Oklahoma for the Frisco Baptist Association‘s annual evangelism conference, and I was able to talk to him briefly after the conference […]