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Tabloid Blogging

Because of the recent tabloid blogging that has occurred at this site here and here, we at SBC Today have been busy answering questions on when we would respond to what one Calvinistic professor called,  “lies and slander” of the aforementioned postings.  At first, we were not going to respond.  After all, what logical and […]

Shooting at Rubber Dummies

I love my iPhone for so many reasons, not the least of which is my ability to subscribe to podcasts and listen to them when I’m in my car. It’s terribly convenient, especially considering that I am too far from civilization to receive any talk-radio signals. Recently I was listening to the podcast of a […]

John 3:16 Conference

On November 6th and 7th, the John 3:16 Conference will be held at the First Baptist Church of Woodstock Georgia. Conference co-sponsors are: Jerry Vines Ministries, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, Luther Rice Seminary and Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. From the web page, the conference seeks to […]

Another Sermon by Dr. David Allen

We now present the second sermon delivered by Dr. David Allen, Dean of the School of Theology at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, to the Pastor’s Conference at the First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida. Both sermons were from the book of Hebrews, which Dr. Allen has studied for many years. In the first message, Dr. […]

Interview with Dr. Jerry Vines

We are privileged to bring you today an interview with Dr. Jerry Vines, Pastor Emeritus of First Baptist Church, Jacksonville Florida, and founder of Jerry Vines Ministries. He currently resides in Georgia where, he assures us, he has not taken to riding Harleys (the picture above was used for a special event during his ministry […]