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Further Reflections on Theological Triage

  by a Baptist Theologian(Comments on this post are closed temporarily. I you have further questions or comments, please email them to SBCToday.) Today, I read yet another presentation of the Calvinist attempt, popularized in SBC circles by Al Mohler, to define fellowship by three levels of doctrine. Again, I left the little essay impressed […]

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The TULIP’s Petals and Sepals, part 5

by Ronnie Rogers Perseverance of the Saints: This includes both preservation by God and perseverance by the saints. The Westminster Confession says, with regard to the truly elect, they “can neither totally nor finally fall away from the state of Grace.”[i] J.P. Boyce notes in his Abstract of Systematic Theology, “It is not merely preservation […]

The TULIP’s Petals and Sepals, part 4

by Ronnie Rogers Irresistible Grace: The Holy Spirit efficaciously applies salvation to those unconditionally elected sinners whom He personally calls to Christ. Calvinism believes that the general call of the gospel extends to everyone, but the internal efficacious call of the Holy Spirit that is both required and inexorably results in salvation is only extended […]

The TULIP’s Petals and Sepals, part 3

by Ronnie Rogers 3. Limited Atonement: Christ’s death is of infinite value, but He died salvifically only for the unconditionally elect. Calvinism understands limited atonement to mean that Christ’s death did not in any eternally meaningful way pay for the sins of the non-elect. Thus, there is not even the remotest possibility of even one […]

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The TULIP’s Petals and Sepals, part 2

by Ronnie Rogers Unconditional Election: God chose for some to be the objects of His unmerited favor, and salvation is totally a work of God—monergistic.Calvinism’s understanding of unconditional election necessarily includes that God has selected to give the salvifically required new nature to only some of His vast humanity even though all are in equally […]

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