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John Piper and Definite Atonement | Part One


Piper argues for a “unique love of God for his elect that accounts for the unique effect of definite atonement in saving them.” He continues: “Others are not made alive. Therefore, this love is a distinguishing love. It is not given to all. It is given to sinners who are predestined for sonship.” Notice the logical fallacy in this argument. Granting for the sake of argument that we can distinguish different kinds of love (God’s saving love for the elect and general love for the non-elect), how does this support or entail definite atonement? It does not.

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Beware of Stealth Calvinism!


Some Calvinists are attempting to impose Calvinism on Christian organizations that have traditionally been neutral with regard to Calvinism and Arminianism and have included both. They are often doing this under the guise of warding off open theism.

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Calvinism | What’s Ahead for the Southern Baptist Convention


One of the standard complaints of most Southern Baptist Calvinists laments the loss of our strong theological adherence to the Calvinism of Dagg, Boyce, Manly, Williams, and others. In fact, Founders Ministries, the largest network of Calvinism in the Southern Baptist Convention was birthed in 1982 over the notion that Southern Baptists must recover the doctrines of grace that it long ago left behind.

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Baptist Dissenters from Error— Champions of Truth


Baptists are dissenters against anything that contradicts the scripture and the truth. These important statements share what we are against and what we are for…

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Five Reasons To Be Thankful for the Statement from the Calvinism Advisory Committee, or Five Reasons to Celebrate T5

During the last 12 months, a committee of 19 Southern Baptists labored to write a consensus statement on Calvinism before next month’s annual meeting of the SBC. They met their deadline. On the evening of May 30, SBC Life posted “Truth, Trust and Testimony in a Time of Tension” (T5).[1] Southern Baptists have discussed Calvinism […]

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