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The Founder’s Ministry

By Dr. Rick Patrick Senior Pastor Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church Hueytown, Alabama Martin Luther founded the Lutherans. John Wesley founded the Methodists. The views of John Calvin are foundational to the Presbyterians. In the same way, historians consider our Baptist founder to be Englishman John Smyth, who recovered the doctrine of believer’s baptism in 1609 […]

Michael and Margaretha Sattler: Until Martyrdom Do Us Part

  by Ron Hale He has served as Pastor, Church Planter, Strategist (NAMB), Director of Missions, and Associate Executive Director of Evangelism and Church Planting for a State Convention, and now in the 4th quarter of ministry as Minister of Missions. Michael Sattler (c.1490 – May 20, 1527) was a former Catholic monk who came to […]

Incineration vs. Decapitation: What to do with Servetus?

By Rick Patrick  According to The History and Character of Calvinism by J. T. McNeil, in 1553 John Calvin requested that Michael Servetus be decapitated as a traitor rather than burned as a heretic. In light of this merciful request, Calvin’s friend William Farel chided him for his undue lenience. However, it did no good […]

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A Biblical Critique of Calvinism: Election

by Dr. Michael A. Cox, Pastor of First Baptist Church in Pryor, Oklahoma, and author of Not One Little Child: A Biblical Critique of Calvinism ————————————– This is the thirtieth of a series of articles by Dr. Cox, with a Biblical critique of Calvinism drawn in part from his book Not One Little Child. All […]

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Reply to Jared Moore Regarding Southern Seminary and the BFM, Part 3

Adam Harwood, PhD Assistant Professor of Christian Studies Truett-McConnell College Cleveland, Georgia Moore misrepresents Harwood. Again.             You write: “Harwood believes that mankind is only condemned for his own transgressions, and his sinful nature and environment are not ‘sin’ that requires a trust in Christ for redemption.  The only answer for sin in the BF&M2K […]

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