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Baptists? Methodists? Presbyterians? Charismatics?

February 12, 2010

Something that I’ve been observing for quite some time now, and especially here lately, is that a lot of people, who belong to Baptist Churches, could join a Church of another denomination and couldn’t tell any difference.  I can’t tell you of the people that I have heard say things like…”Well, there’s not that much difference between us Baptists and the Methodists, right?”  Inside of me, I’m screaming, “Yes!  Yes!  How could you even begin to think that?”  I’ve heard people make the comment that there’s really not that much difference between us and the Assembly of God Church, or the Presbyterians.  And, in my sinking heart, I’m thinking, “What?  How could you be a member of a Baptist Church for so long of a time and not know that there’s a huge Continue reading

One Lord, One Vote

January 13, 2010

A good deal of discussion in Baptist life, even some on this site, has focused upon the role of elders in the church. How should those who hold this biblical office fulfill their role within the congregation, and how should they relate to the members of the church? Much of this discussion goes ultimately to the question of how the church is governed. Is it to be ruled by elders, or are the elders to lead, with the responsibility for making decisions remaining with the congregation as a whole? As Southern Baptists, we have clearly and, I believe, biblically, answered this question in our statement of faith.
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Biblically Centered, Distinctively Baptist

December 23, 2009

In a day when some want to remove Baptist from our names and even distance ourselves from the name “Southern Baptist”, we have a college that is making strides to do otherwise.  Truett-McConnell made great strides at their last trustee meeting to bring their faculty under accountability and strengthen their relationship with Southern Baptists.  Thank God for the leadership of a Board of Trustees that is not afraid to step forward and boldly confess they believe in the inerrancy of the Word of God and that they are Baptists.

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