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A Contribution to Ed Stetzer and Lifeway Research

On my previous post concerning Article VII of the BF&M, an interesting question came to mind, “What percentage of SBC churches are practicing open communion?” Mind you, we don’t decide doctrine by statistical research, but ultimately a confession ought to represent the beliefs of those who adhere to the confession. In an effort to help […]

Landmarker or BF&M Confessional?

On other blogs and some of the comments on Wes Kenney’s recent post, there seems to be some confusion concerning what Southern Baptists have adopted as our confession of beliefs regarding baptism and the Lord’s supper. Wes dealt with this subject of baptism and the Lord’s table two years ago. The post and comments are […]

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It's Nothing Personal

There is a phrase that I am considering striking forever from my vocabulary. That phrase is “individual Christian.” There is nothing inherently wrong with either term, but when they come together, the result is, more often than not, absolute silliness masquerading as theology. The most recent example shows itself in the currently raging debate in […]

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The Southern Baptists of Texas Convention and the GCR

Last week the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention passed a resolution that dealt with the Great Commission Resurgence. To my knowledge (I could be wrong) this is the only state convention that has dealt with a resolution on the GCR to date. It is an excellent document that not only honors the great strides that […]

The Essentials of Christianity

Recently, Dr. Malcolm Yarnell (Associate Professor of Systematic Theology at Southwestern) gave the Reformation Day chapel sermon at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. To listen to it, click here. To see the hand written manuscript of the sermon click here. For me, the two quotes that I found most intriguing are: As a New Testament Christian, […]